Miss Kaiwi Turns 9 – August 11, 2020

seal birthday (3)

Miss Kaiwi Turns 9

by Dana Jones

I apologize up front for posting such a short bio on K96/97, Kaiwi, who was born 9 years ago today to one of our favorite and most beloved seals, Irma (R010).

I just got in from a long day, but didn’t want this day to go by without saying Happy Birthday to our sweet Momma Kaiwi who gave birth this year to our beautiful (now weaner) (PO2/N2) Nohea.  Kaiwi is also a Mother to another female, Kawena (RH36) born in 2016 in the same area as Nohea and a male pup Kaloko (K24) born in 2017 on Wawamalu Beach.

Kaiwi was born in the area we fondly call Irma’s beach on a hot August day in 2011. Here is a little history from that day/evening:

8-11-11 Volunteers Respond to Irma’s Pup

Dana wrote: …. “Wonderful response team members hauled it all out together and made it happen and pitched the final post and zipped the final zippy tie with the near full moon rising and Mom and pup resting peacefully. Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Seal Whisperer, Donna Festa, Lesley Macpherson, Dera Look, Lars, Stacey Stella and papoose, and always helpful and know how to get things done Barbara & Robert Billand. What an exciting year for Oahu.”

kaiwi beach 1
Alan Davis Beach
kaiwi pup
Kaiwi as Pup

I promise to tell more stories about Kaiwi and her growing up when I have a little more time to share.  Suffice it to say, she’s one of our 2nd generation Mommas that we watch over carefully and will always remember where she came from.

headerbd (1)

Kaiwi Birthday Card

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