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Photo Courtesy of Diane Gabriel – Ua’Malie (RT10) & Kahuluokalae (RJ16)

The purpose of HMSPO is to continue the tireless, dedicated effort and hard work that our predecessors from the Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team of Oahu (HMSRTO) and the Monk Seal Foundation (MSF) founded more than 10 years ago.

Our Mission

Although there are other non-profit and conservation organizations on Oahu who have similar goals and objectives, it’s important to note that while they serve Hawaii’s greater marine Ohana, HMSPO is the ONLY organization on Oahu whose sole mission is to protect and preserve the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal species.  Our founders, staff and ambassadors are dedicated to preserving one of Hawaii’s most valued and beloved marine natural treasures while at the same time helping the species repopulate itself by focusing on protecting the Hawaiian Monk Seals’ declining younger generations who are the foundation of the species’ future to avoid extinction.

Our Goal

With a focus on coexistence and cultural sensitivity, through education and outreach, The Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery through Education And Preservation (REAP) project will help NOAA increase the participation of local communities in their recovery efforts for the Hawaiian Monk Seal all while ensuring the people of Hawaii have a healthy and productive coastal ecosystem that supports their cultural and economic activities as well as the Hawaiian Monk Seals.

With financial and resource support from our newly cultivated partnership with NOAA, HMSPO intends to accomplish its goal by:

  • expanding our volunteer teacher corps to provide more in-classroom education   utilizing an upgraded and more user-friendly curriculum.
  • providing volunteer Ambassadors with more intensive hands-on training that incorporates shadowing and seal visitation programs so Ambassadors can gain unwritten knowledge about the species and “get to know” the species through hours of beachside observations as well as spark a deep enthusiasm for the species that is vital to serving their needs.
  • expanding our successful outreach program to communities through HMSPO’s new “Talk Story” program at festivals, forums and community programs as
    well as expansion to beachside haul outs.
  • developing a “Partnerships for Conservation” program that will increase our partnerships with local conservation groups who will play an integral role in helping our organization to provide education and outreach to concerned populations including Hawaii’s tourism and fisheries groups.
  • sharing information through our “Talk Story” sessions with partners such as tourism, conservation, community and government stakeholders, Ambassadors will be able to train hotel/resort staff, lifeguards, conservation and other Oahu groups to have a potential for greater impact and success on the protection and preservation of the Hawaiian Monk Seals.
  • integrating historical and cultural awareness, HMSPO will develop partnerships with organizations that can help “tell the story” of the HMS their history on the islands and significance in the Hawaiian culture.

As a cooperating conservation organization in the State of Hawii, the Hawaiian Monk Seal Preservation Ohana or HMSPO is committed to work with local communities, individuals, businesses, government agencies and other non-profits to protect and preserve the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal species from extinction through innovative and productive education and outreach programs with an emphasis on animal/human coexistence and historic and cultural awareness.

“Protect and Preserve Hawaii’s Endangered Monk Seal Ohana”


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