Pup Deaths
Why we do what we do!  Help their legacy live on by becoming an HMSPO Ambassador!

Calling all Ambassadors!

As part of our NOAA grant, we are now officially changing our volunteers to monk seal Ambassadors or those individuals dedicated to sharing the legacy and plight of the species and carrying out activities to promote the protection and preservation of Hawaii’s monk seal Ohana.  Our recent NOAA grant helps us implement exciting programs that will give our Ambassadors a chance to get to know our Hawaiian Monk Seal Ohana through our shadow/mentor program as well as share their history through our beachside “Talk Story” program.  If you like working with children we have an in-classroom sharing program that you can be a part of…or if you like meeting the public become a booth volunteer at a number of our conservation and outreach events we attend throughout the year such as beach cleanups, Sea Life Park Keiki Day, Ocean Fest, and so many more!

How can you help? With the implementation of REAP, HMSPO Ambassadors will alleviate some of the challenges that responders experience at high-traffic Hawaiian Monk Seal haul-out sites by (1) educating hotel staff on how to effectively protect the Hawaiian Monk Seal should they haul out on their beaches, (2) providing materials and education to hotel staff so they can answer basic questions about monk seals and help provide short-term outreach, and (3) dispatching volunteer experts to the pupping sites to “Talk Story” with the public and convey Hawaiian Monk Seal history and facts that are culturally sensitive and accurate. This will allow responders to concentrate on the data collection of seal behavior and protection of the seals.

Do you like what you see on this website?  Do you want to be a part of a dedicated Ohana that works with one of the world’s most endearing, beautiful and endangered species?  Then please contact me via email at and you can tell me about your interests and I’ll be happy to talk to you more about the organization and how you can be involved.  Mahalo Nui!


100+ years of expertise & love for Oahu's Monk SealsVolunteer History!  Over the past decade, a grassroots group of volunteers started up a program called Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team of Oahu. Four years later we joined forces with another grassroots group of volunteers at Monk Seal Foundation.

One of our first original volunteers use to say, we can almost fill up a van with our group. That group grew over the years to approximately 190 trained volunteers that responded to seals in trouble, rehabilitation of damaged or sick animals, pup watches, and beach haul outs all over the island of Oahu. As Island Coordinator, I worked with NOAA and as an employee for both programs.

We are very excited to become a part of Conservation Council for Hawaii. We look forward to working with such an auspicious NGO and combine our efforts to save this species. Conservation Council for Hawaii is the Hawaiian islands’ affiliate for National Wildlife Federation. As such, we have joined an incredibly stable 60 year old 501c3. Hawaiian Monk Seal Preservation Ohana will provide an education program that CCH has never had and grow awareness of the plight of the HMS through outreach. This long relationship and partnership, with CCH, will enable HMSPO to reach more of our community and save this species for generations to come.

Mahalo nui loa to all the people out there who have contributed and supported this huge endeavor over the years and for your continued support and volunteer spirit.

Pohaku (RO28) and Nanea (PO5)
“Protect and Preserve Hawaii’s Monk Seal Ohana”

Dana Jones
Hawaiian Monk Seal Preservation Ohana
c/o Conservation Council for Hawaii
501c3 – EIN#99-0199211


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